Sierra Leone is a small West African State and remains one of the world’s poorest countries. Young girls and women tend to be most affected by frustrations, societal demands, deficiencies that a country and its people in poverty experience. In the recent year’s eventual outbreak of Ebola, girls, and women were severely impacted, both socially and educationally. The fact that girls remained out of school for 9 months contributed to an increase in teenage pregnancy rates. Additionally, young people have had limited education due to the subsequent mudslide or landslide in August 2017.

خيار ثنائي استراتيجيات التداول الشعبي
Jenneh in her village. She was betrothed before she was even born. (©2013 World Vision/photo by Ian Winstanley)

الخيارات الثنائية التداول أوروبا Jenneh in her village. She was betrothed before she was even born. (©2013 World Vision/photo by Ian Winstanley)

وسطاء الفوركس في كندا

follow url In addition, child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), domestic abuse, and sexual health issues all of which demonstrate a real need to target Sierra Leone’s younger female and women population. Access to knowledge and support seems to be the biggest deprivation young girls and women are experiencing in Sierra Leone. The goal of Purple Wings Sierra Leone is to equip girls with the necessary knowledge, skills and networks they need to overcome the numerous obstacles they face in their societies.

الثنائية ويستعرض الموقع خيار
Ibrahim Jabbie

Ibrahim Jabbie President

مراجعة الاستراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية Ibrahim Jabbie is currently in college to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management at the Limkokwing University Sierra Leone Campus. He is passionate about helping women and girls in his home in Freetown, Sierra Leone through mentorship, leadership, and advocacy. Prior to his involvement with purple wings organization Sierra Leone, Ibrahim has volunteered with Project 1808, and the Social Mobilization Action Consortium (SMAC) group both a Human right institution striving to save lives. Ibrahim’s main reason for volunteering for Purple Wings is to be able to integrate battered women and girls into today’s society.

Isatu "Shadia" Conteh

Isatu "Shadia" Conteh

see url Vice President

الخيارات الثنائية تاجر البصيرة

enter I am Shadia Isatu Conteh, and I graduated from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone with a Bachelors of Science Honors in Financial Services. I am currently working as a Finance Officer with Partners in health (NGO), with its parent body in the United States of America. I am volunteering with Purple WINGS because I want to contribute in two nations by mentoring, empowering, being an inspiration to others, explaining my story from which I believe many can learn from and in turn be who they want to be. It hurts me to see girls dropping out of school because they have no one to help them, being humiliated, and being taken advantage off. This happens because they have no one to hear their voice and the worst of it all, I am tired of seeing girls roaming in the street; when they should be in school. All of these reasons and more inspired me to work with this noble team. This is like a dream come true for me and I am ready to work with the team to make the difference.

الخيارات الثنائية ناسخة التجارة MT4
James Mallah

James Mallah Treasurer

اربح المال على الإنترنت James holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Accounting from IPAM-University of Sierra Leone and a Masters degree in Oil and Gas Management from the Novosibirsk State University in Russia. Despite his involvement in social entrepreneurship, James has always been on the front line to nurture and shape the lives of women and girls in Sierra Leone. His reason for volunteering for Purple Wings is to be able to foster an environment where girls and women will be peace-loving, well motivated, and to gain both academic and moral success.

تداول اسهم في شركة بوان
Aisha Sankoh

Aisha Sankoh Secretaryكيف-تجارة-الاسهم My name is Aisha Sankoh. I am a Sierra Leonean, and a graduate in diploma of pharmacy technician at the College Of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone.  As a youth, one of the best ways I can give back to my community and country as a whole is through volunteering and mentorship of adolescent girls. Since Purple wings is geared towards this goal, I believe I can use this organization to help make a change in their lives.I am the secretary general. During my leisure time I love sight-seeing and singing.

سوق الاسهم السعودية تداول مباشر