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8535_web_Purple-W.I.N.G.S._03.02.13_.9by KRISTY TOTTEN

The girls are not bad girls.

They are unruly, yes, defiant at times, yes, but not bad. If there’s anything bad about them, it’s where they’ve come from. Often they are missing mothers, fathers, sometimes both. They’ve been prostituted, raped, beaten, abandoned. They drink, smoke various substances, get into trouble in school and get picked up off the streets by police. But here, in their Saturday morning Purple W.I.N.G.S. class, they are good students, bright and eager to please.

It’s easy to imagine them being sent to the principal’s office in a regular classroom setting. They have trouble raising their hands to be called on. They talk out of turn and sometimes talk back. But they’re here, trying to better themselves, and in many cases, they want to be here. It’s one of few places where they feel understood.

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