Girls 12-18 years old from the Las Vegas community attend 12-week informal chat sessions; led by trained facilitators, who teach curriculum from proven based methods.  These informal chat session’s work to correct negative behavior. The program focuses on self-esteem, body image, substance abuse prevention, anger management, STD and teen pregnancy prevention, runaway prevention, teen homelessness, partner abuse, violence, bullying, staying and excelling in school, career development, dress for success, etiquette training, and financial literacy.

Victim Services Mentoring


PWs victim services Angel program is deeply committed to mentoring women and girls who have been identified as victims of: sexual assault, sexual abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence, and stalking.

The Angel program addresses the mentees developmental, social, and emotional needs through strengths based programming. Angel Mentors work directly with these survivors who often need encouragement to become aware of their inherent value and innate potential.

The victim receives intense case management for at least one year. Angel mentors provide basic skills and psychosocial services to reduce cognitive and behavioral impairments to restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. These services help recipients acquire constructive cognitive and behavioral skills through positive reinforcement, modeling, operant conditioning, and other training techniques.

Events & Workshops

Purple W.I.N.G.S. Organization does speaking engagements with all types of audiences, whether big or small. We especially love to take our message of empowerment, and motivation to teens in schools! We touch hearts and change lives in high school events, or workshops. We bring the same motivation that we use in our circles to your students. Whether you are looking for a high school assembly on high school motivation, drugs, and alcohol, choices and attitude, sexting, bullying prevention, mental health awareness, etc.; We tailor our message and meets your needs for a theme or objectives you want.

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Training Request

Purple W.I.N.G.S. provides training workshops. We can bring half-day, full-day, or two-day workshops directly to your Annual Conference or annual training events. You simply have to fill out the training request, and we will contact you.

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Rise is a gender-specific service to help the increasing number of girls involved in the juvenile justice system. Services include intensive home visiting, family conflict mediation, girls’ only activities, psycho-educational weekly group sessions, literacy, and tutoring. Youth are referred to Rise by the Las Vegas County Probation Department, Diversion Court program, and Juvenile Court.  The number of young women and girls entering the criminal justice system has doubled in the past ten years. Increasingly, more girls are engaging in risky behaviors that are attracting the attention of the health, social services, and justice systems. In 2010 there were 5,162 cases of girls referred to the DJJS.

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The goal of the Rise program is to reduce the number of females entering or continuing in the juvenile justice system by supporting and empowering girls and their families to access and receive community resources in a timely fashion. Through contracts with service providers, the program was based on a home-visiting model that involved the entire family in a systematic assessment using a multidisciplinary team service delivery approach. We seek to ensure these participants will not gain re-entry into the Juvenile Justice Department by closely monitoring their behavior, and working hand in hand with probation officers, parents, and teachers. We have a core belief that by mentoring girls this will transform how they perceive themselves and their place in society.

To help us achieve our vision, we have focused our investments on the Juvenile Justice System, a much neglected but critical part of the system. Through these investments, we set out to achieve the following:

Minimize the likelihood that youth would be incarcerated unnecessarily or in poor conditions; communities. Improve the odds that youth would be placed in less confining alternatives within their communities Reduce racial disparities among youth incarcerated Improve determent from correctional placement, and Redirect delinquent behaviors.

“Girls are the fastest growing segment of the juvenile justice system with minority females disproportionately represented among delinquent girls; two-thirds are girls of color. The majority have been subjected to some form of emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.”

*September 2009 study “Report on High Risk Girls and Gender-Specific Programming*


What is Intense Mentoring? Intense mentoring is a therapeutic approach to mentoring an adolescent who has identified as “at-risk.” While there is no standard definition of an at-risk child; it is important to note that any child who has risk factors, due to their specific circumstances, or complications, which adversely affect the behavior or health of the child; then that child is at-risk. These children exhibit complications that are deemed to inhibit the child’s ability to become a productive member of society.

Why should I mentor an at-risk child?

Most girls who are identified as, at-risk are in need of a positive role model outside of the home. They need to see, and hear from people who can identify with what they are going through. They need a compassionate person who is willing to offer their time to help them become a positive citizen.

  • Self-validation from being able to share life experiences and serve as a role model
  • Increased energy from being involved with an energetic group of young people
  • Satisfaction from being able to give back to the community
  • Employers see community outreach as an important factor in hiring and promotion

Purple W.I.N.G.S. Prep

President, Noble Prize Winner, Influential Leader, CEO, Lead Scientist? Who will your little gem grow up to be? 

If your 6th to 12th grade daughter is demonstrating motivation and vigor to succeed, enroll her for the Summer Leadership Academy with Purple W.I.N.G.S, designed to nurture and empower young minds to do great things.

Beginning on the 24th June 2016 in an off-site location in Las Vegas, Nevada this 3-day Summer program will build on her mental, social and personal skills to create an aptitude for success.  We’re developing poised girls who are comfortable in their own skin. They become confident learners and leaders eager to communicate by using their voice. Please note this academy is by application process only. There are limited spaces available.

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6 Months Academy

Shaping Intelligent Young Women to Lead Remarkable Futures

Great minds are not only born but also nurtured and cultivated to face the challenges of an evolving world and modern complexities. By preparing your children now you’ll be giving them the most valuable gift that will yield countless rewards for the future.

At Purple WINGS Leadership Academy we see to it that our young women are equipped and prepared to stand out and make a difference to their communities and to our world.

From grades 6 to 12 we offer young girls within the area of Las Vegas, NV the chance to join our academy from September 13th 2016 to March 21st 2017. During our 4 hours per week leadership training, your daughter will obtain key skills in:

  • etiquette
  • entrepreneurship
  • financial literacy
  • critical decision making
  • building rapport
  • career strategies
  • self-confidence
  • and much more

Our young women will also have the opportunity to access higher education opportunities and volunteering roles so they can start building a powerful portfolio that will represent their endeavors honorably and open doors.

*Please note that this is on an application basis only. To have your daughter considered for the 6-months prep academy please contact us and we will inform you of the steps needed to apply. 

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