Intense Mentoring

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Purple W.I.N.G.S. Organization (PWs) 501 (c) (3) is a gender-based organization whose acronym stands for Women Inspiring Noble Girls Successfully. PWs work mainly with girls who are under-resourced (lack economic resources, family support, opportunities) and teens of color. At-risk girls (ages 12-18) are provided one on one mentor, and attend weekly informal chat sessions at our safe-haven location. These interventions work to close the gap on disparities, correct negative behavior, and prevent girls from either entering the juvenile justice system, or returning to juvenile. All PWs programs focuses on behavior, self-esteem, body image, substance abuse prevention, anger management, STD and teen pregnancy prevention, runaway prevention, teen homelessness, partner abuse, violence, bullying, sex trafficking awareness, staying and excelling in school, intensive home visiting, family conflict mediation, girls’ only activities, literacy, and tutoring, career development, dress for success, etiquette training, and financial literacy.

We have a core belief that by mentoring girls this will transform how they perceive themselves and their place in society. We help girls overcome and heal the traumas of abuse, neglect and violence through prevention, education and mentoring services in Clark County.